World Laughter Day

So yesterday was World Laughter Day. Originating from the Laughter Yoga movement in India, where people gather in public spaces, with the sole purpose of laughing! There are now 1000’s of laughter clubs in 105 countries. Where I work in Edinburgh there is a laughter club which offers people the opportunity to ‘laugh themselves healthy’. I’ve been on several training courses where we’ve tried this. Once I got over the awkwardness of having to make an effort to laugh, the laughter did come more naturally…although that was in part as a result of watching others trying to laugh! But there’s definitely something about the physical part of laughing that connects with the benefits to our well-being of being happy. Why not have a go and perhaps it might work for you! As Bob Marley says ‘Don’t worry be happy!’ :slight_smile:

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It made me laugh reading your post! :grinning:
We often work in such difficult circumstances that laughter is such a big release of stress. I’ve been involved in a number of meditations where families used laughter to break awkward moments or to reflect over the intense difficulty of some situations. Sometimes these laughs are in exasperation but they still help to diffuse the atmosphere. Laughter has an amazing impact on conflict (when appropriate!) to reset the conversation or allow people to take stock. When families share a giggle about something it goes a long way reconnecting with each other.

You cannot underestimate the power of laughter, as long as their laughing with you and not at you. When I deliver training I try to inject humour into the session, humour can and does relax people, including me, also laughter is an expression of happiness, as well as other things. So have a laugh on me “Who is the favourite relative of penguins?”

                                                                                                                                    Aunt - Artica :joy:

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