What can we do during family conflicts?


Hi. I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread that discussed what both young people and parents can do to recover from the debilitating aspects of a conflict so that a meaningful discussion can be pursued.
I’ll start with what is hopefully an easy one :

What actions can people take to salvage the credibility of an argument when those involved raise their voices so that effective communication breaks down?

Looking forward hearing your thoughts. Feel free to ask your own questions.

Thank you, Paolo.


A great question Paolo! It can be so difficult to bring a discussion back if voices become raised. I know myself I find it incredibly challenging to think clearly and constructively if voices are raised in a disagreement. For me, the stuff that underpins this is feeling attacked and misunderstood. I find it helpful to walk away and take 5 minutes to asses what’s really important in this discussion and to be clear in my own head the points I am trying to get across.

What do other people do when voices become raised? How do they manage their own voices and the voices of others?