We can all feel lonely in the busiest of places

Technology- good, bad, indifferent we all have our thoughts, the reality is that it is not going away any time soon anyway, so if have to accept it or even better embrace it. I heard on the radio this week Esther Rantzen, Childline talking about child loneliness and how children as young as six are phoning to say that they are lonely…from their bedrooms. It seems that parents are too busy or think that the technical ‘toys’ that children have somehow fill the loneliness gap, whereas children are saying interrupt us when we are playing our tech games - make contact, communicate. I hear many adults say “they are always on their computer, phone, games console, and so on, they don’t talk or speak to us". In some cases we are not talking about communication, but connection. We can all feel lonely in the busiest of places surrounded by people we know but for the youngest and vulnerable to feel this. What are people’s thoughts on loneliness in families or do you have any advice for those you may be feeling lonely.

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