Untangling The Knots - Perth

Great course in Perth, thanks to all that attended and your valuable contributions. Remember to apply for your digital recognition badge awards within two weeks and at the 3 month point.

As promised the following models were highlighted on the flip-chart from the ‘experience from the floor’ activity:

  • Person Centred Planning
  • MOMO (Mind Of My Own) app
  • Kitbag
  • Value based reflective practice
  • Grow Model
  • VIG - Video Interactive Guidance
  • Minimalism #lessismore

If you would like to add any more or further information then please do for the benefit of other professionals and practitioners working with young people and families.

Hi Duncan

I just found the poems I’d written as feed back and agreed to forward to you - where should I send them? BR, Arianna

Hi Arianna, thank you very much for this, it is much appreciated. You can send them to sccr@cyrenians.scot for the attention of me.
Looking forward to receiving and reading them, if okay with you we may use them in our reporting and promotion.
I also hope you have managed to complete the course by applying for your learning award (badge), details are in Page 47 of the participants pack and receiving your CPD certificate.
Kind regards


Yo Duncan!

Seems like forever ago we were on the course; it was just great! I also received my printed pack of resources today; thanks so much, I really look forward to using them in the new anxiety group I will be running! I have a quick question, I have just applied for the second badge . . . it says in the pack to do this within two weeks of the course. I am not sure I have done this in time; does this mean I won’t get the badge?

Thanks again Duncan; take care and hopefully we’ll meet again soon!

Oh, another quick thing. I am involved in a personal music project focusing on mental health; I have provided the link to both our website and also our project below. The album will be called ‘Listen’ and I feel there is a lot I could do with regards to promoting SCCR at the various live performances we do. If you are interested in exploring this, I’d be happy to chat with you! :grinning:


Hi Lynzy
Thanks for the feedback and yes you will get your badge and CPD certificate to confirm you have completed the course. Hopefully we will get some feedback from you after 3 months.

Take care


Hi Lynzy, sound pretty cool I will discuss it further with the team and project manager.

Take care


Hi all, as promised the very talented Arianna sent on her poems, which at the time was agreed that I would share with you all.

UNTANGLING THE KNOTS was such a positive experience - I learned, I digested, I reflected – some of which I will remember in verse.

I’ll take responsibility
Not to wear your shoes
I’m just here
To hear your views
Big boots
Little boots
Tiny cute shoes
All get a place
In a room with views
I’ll make a promise
To wear my own shoes
Be very careful not
To step into yours

Understand the rhythm of threads
Undefined connections that knit our lives
Implied, explicit, billions of neurons fire in our brain
Colours, textures, short, long
The nature of relationships
Unsung songs
Undo the knots
They mess up my brain
Undo the knots
Relieve my pain
Movements, reflections
Effecting change
Untangle me
Untangle my brain

Great poems, lovely way to digest the learning from the course.

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