The Golden Thread

I have just been reading an article from the BBC news desk on Bullying in Scottish Schools. Highlighting a recent report from the Equalities and Human Rights Committee that has made 29 recommendations to the Scottish Government to consider in its forthcoming review of the Anti-Bullying strategy.
The Committee convener Christina McKelvie said it had heard “gut-wrenching” evidence from young people during its inquiry into the issue. But she stressed there was already some “inspiring” work being done in schools.
The children’s commissioner for Scotland, Bruce Adamson, also added that the report was a “call to action” for the authorities.
The article highlighted the importance of healthy relationships in schools and the need for this to be taught from an early age.
I read in another non related article from the care inspectorate a great line “Relationship are the golden thread of good practice.” In another article, the statement ’Relationships with people who care for and about children are the golden thread in children’s lives,…” I agree and highlight this in the SCCR training that positive, healthy meaningful relationships can provide strong foundations, stable support structures and confident lifestyles for young people no matter how young they are.
There is no place for bullying, widening the understanding of relationships good and bad can go some way to creating that environment where there is no place for bullying. What do you think?

The SCCR’s 2016 National Survey recommendations and in particular No4, calls on all schools and educational bodies to partner with us, and adopt more conflict resolution training sessions within their curriculum. Contact us for further information.

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