The Challenges of Change

So most of us are now back at work . At Cyrenians, some people were back shortly after the New Year, starting to get through their large email inbox. For those of us that were back last week, there were some rumblings between colleagues about needing to be back in a routine or that it was good to be back! Last week, I noticed that although there were plenty of people in the office, it was noticeably quiet, with colleagues just getting on with things while they accommodated to the changes of being back at work. Although change can mean new opportunities (New Year resolutions that we actually stick to!), change is often difficult, even if we are changing to something better. Working in dispute resolution, we are often asking and supporting people to change how they do things. It’s important to acknowledge the challenges of change and for those that we work with to feel fully supported with that process…that could be yet another New Year resolution for me!


Too true Andrew. While I agree we need to acknowledge the “challenge of change” sometimes to ‘feel’ supported we just need to acknowledge the other person. People who go through change of any nature can feel isolated, alone and unsure of themselves, a simple acknowledgement, a hello, a smile or friendly introduction can and does reinforce the sense of worth in individuals. And remember change is the only constant process in our lives, so the above applies to all! So what have you done today to make others feel good…

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