Stop shouting at me!

I’ve just read the SCCR Blog which was posted here. Aidan, who is 10 years old, has noted his observations about shouting. Aidan describes how shouting does not mean that people hear us better. In fact, often when people shout, whoever the shouting is directed at, tends to switch off. The impact of the content is usually lost as a result of the volume. When our emotions are running high it is difficult to not turn up the volume. Often what then happens is that the other person does the same thing and a shouting match starts, with the likelihood of a bad outcome. Consciously reducing the volume of our conversations encourages others to mirror us, with the hope that a better conversation might happen. Try it…it works…sometimes!

When people shout in anger, they effectively realising energy, similarly when someone goes to a quiet space and then just screams, just to expend all that pent up energy (emotion) frustration, anger, despair. A pressure cooker moment. Therefore agreeably shouting at someone is more for the benefit of the person doing the shouting hence when people reflect they tend recognise that there shouting is ineffective in getting the message across unless that message is meant to instil fear or as a display of power. However I totally agree, turn down the volume if you want to heard!

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