SCCR Conference 2020 – The Faces of Transition

The SCCR held their annual conference last week in Edinburgh. Check out our conference page here
The conference explored the themes of beginnings and endings of conflict, transitions, time, duality and how our past can impact our future but does not define us. For those of us who work alongside people who have experienced significant challenges in their life, it is important to try and understand and to help them to understand, why we all manage and respond to conflict in different ways. Our previous experiences and how we navigated our way through those experiences, usually shapes how we then navigate future experiences. Dealing with conflict is challenging but making any changes to how we deal with conflict firstly needs us to be able to look at ourselves. It is said that self-awareness is the waiting room for change, but being self-aware is difficult. Often the times that we need to be most self-aware are the times that we are in conflict and are unable to see ourselves as others see us. Perhaps the first thing that we need to do is to listen to those around us. We can sometimes be initially defensive when others tell us things that do not sit comfortably with us but by trying hard to listen, we may get good advice that is helpful to us and so to those around us. Try it, it really works!

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