Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard!

Those of you who connect with this title will be of a certain age and may be struggling to remember what it was like at school…many years ago!

This week the schools are opening their gates and welcoming pupils back to school. For some pupils, this will be exciting and a much anticipated time. For others it will be a time of anxiety and worry about what is ahead. Most pupils and teachers will have mixed feelings about being back at school with parents and carers also having to adapt to the changes ahead.

Uncertainty can often lead to heightened emotions with unhelpful emotions taking over from the more helpful emotional states. The SCCR has some excellent online resources here which will help you recognise your emotional states and what you can do to promote the more helpful ones.

During the run up to the schools going back, SCCR has been supporting ‘Back to School Tips’ with today’s tip being ‘Respect Yourself – Be proud of your child and yourself’. When we are struggling to manage our unhelpful emotions, it can be useful to try and focus on our previous achievements, but in the moment, those can be hard to acknowledge. The previous few months has been a challenging time for everyone but we should not be shy to be proud of how well we have managed and are managing to get through this difficult time.

“Respect yourself, be proud’’

Hi Andrew. I like this topic. Very relevant again as Scottish schools start to return this week. I would appreciate the other ‘Back to school tips’ and wonder if there are any for the children and young people with neurodiversity who face additional challenges in re-establishing routines. Thanks. Linda

Hi Linda. Thanks for your reply. The ‘Back to school tips’ were created by The City of Edinburgh Council and SCCR helped to promote them. Much of the content in the Back to school tips will be suitable for children and young people with neurodiversity. The link to the Back to school tips is here. Hopefully this helps. Andrew

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