Power to the (Young) People!

At the SCCR Annual Conference in January this year, we were delighted that four inspirational young people joined us from Dalziel High School in Motherwell, along with their equally inspirational teacher, Mrs Nielsen. While we are always keen to have young people involved in all that SCCR does, these young people have added to our work in a very specific way. Some months ago, the SCCR were approached by Mrs Neilson because her pupils were struggling to use our online resources, specifically our video clips and films. These four young people are deaf and suggested to the SCCR that our short films should be sub-titled, obviously a great suggestion! Why hadn’t we thought of that already! So we now have all our videos, including our conference videos, sub-titled. Apart from the pleasure of having these young people at our conference, this has been another example of how young people often have the answers. In my work as a mediator, working with young people and families, it is often the young people who are more creative with solutions and have a vision that parents and carers can sometimes lack. So my message is…listen to our young people! As John Lennon said ‘Power to the (Young) People’…paraphrased!!
The SCCR are always keen to work with young people who can help with the support that SCCR gives to young people, parents/carers and professionals. Are you a young person who is keen to help? Please get in touch at sccr@cyrenians.scot


Most children are doing well, with the support of parents, carers, sisters and brothers and friends. Most children have an adult at home or outside the home they can go to with worries (although less so for boys compared to girls). Most children are safe at home.

An extract from the Children’s Parliament ‘How are you doing’ survey April results, read the rest of the report here. It is good to hear from young people (8-14), though it doesn’t tell the whole story read the rest of the survey results. The Children’s Parliaments May survey finishes on the 21st.

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