Please…please …please, stop panic buying toilet rolls!

I am an early riser and this morning, as I was needing milk, I headed to my local supermarket at around 6am. I prefer to shop early morning as its quieter, quicker and so less painful, but not so today. The supermarket was mad busy when I arrived…and I mean ‘mad’. I collected my milk and had a wander round the store to see what all the fuss was about. It was all about hand sanitiser and toilet rolls! I witnessed people pushing other customers to get bottles of hand sanitiser and when I got to where the toilet rolls normally are, there were none left. When I got to the checkout I was literally the only person without loads of toilet rolls. I witnessed the man in front of me arguing with the person at the checkout, that it was his ‘human right’ to have 4 packs of 24 toilet rolls!! These are challenging times and there are many things happening that we can do little to make better. But there are some things that we can make a positive difference to. Perhaps by being more self-aware of how our actions and reactions impact others, then we can make a positive difference. When we are anxious and afraid our ability to self-reflect can be limited but small changes to what we do and say can make a big difference to those around us. When I got back from the supermarket, I had several leaflets in my mailbox with offers of help from neighbours. Can I pick up some shopping for you? Can I pick up a prescription or can I help you to set up Skype, so that you can keep in touch with your family? This is more like it and it’s the sort of approach that will help to keep us going during this difficult time. So what is keeping you going just now? What has happened to you that has had a positive impact? Please, please, please share the positive stuff!

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