Oxytocin – The power of love

Oxytochttp://bit.ly/CranialCocktailin (the Brain’s Outstanding Love Drug) makes us feel connected, promoting feelings of love and trust in nurturing relationships such as when we’re with family and friends. It also plays a big part in our feelings in one of our Emotional states - ‘Rest and Digest’.
Today’s blog from the SCCR and Young Scot is Oxytocin – The power of love
You may have heard of this drug, Oxytocin, the love drug, however how we define ‘love’ is in relation to bonding and connection. Understanding that relationships in life are important to us the more meaningful the relationship the stronger the bonding and connection. It is these relationships that helps us express our emotions and if the relationship is positive and healthy then Oxytocin helps us feel connected and when we feel connected, we feel supported and when we feel supported we feel safe and it go on. We are able to build on this develop our emotional intelligence and social interaction and feel good about it!
Tell us when felt the Oxytocin flowing, when you felt connected with someone or group for example a family member, partner, pet, friends, support group, go on share the love.

Feeling loved, connected and supported is so important. For many young people the fun of the summer holidays is now starting to be mixed with the anxiety of exam results. Young people and parents both need to support each other at this stressful time. By showing each other that you love and care for each other it will ease that anxiety and help discussions about what happens if results don’t live up to expectations. Let the Oxytocin flow and let each other know that you love and care for each other…regardless of exam results! :grinning:

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