New normal or just normal

“New normal”. This is a term we have heard in various formats for a significant time now and is present in our psyche. As we now find ourselves in a new year, we can pause to think about what “normal” looks like in our lives in 2021. ‘Normality’ is also theme of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival this year (3rd-23rd May).
A definition describes normality as something that varies by person, time, place and situation – it changes along with changing societal standards and social norms. For me normality in this current pandemic situation is keeping safe and keeping others safe, however we need to reflect on this further on the meaning of “safe”, understanding that when we have conflict in our lives the feeling of normality becomes compromised or jeopardised.
What does normality look like to you at this time? I wonder if there is such a thing as a “new normal”. I doubt it, just lots of different ones as we have always had!

I most definitely feel that I am experiencing a new normal, everything for me is so different from what it was pre pandemic. I work at home, live at home, exist predominantly in my immediate community, don’t see my children physically, don’t see my colleagues physically and so much more. I have had to adjust to what has now become my normal and have managed this gradually with supports from my employer, family, friends and my own resources. Exercise has played a significant role in all of this. Agree this new normal has or is becoming normal, I am hoping for another new normal soon and what has become normal ends. :grinning:

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I think given time people will forget all this and get on with their lives with the older version of normal.

i think it will be a long time before the old normal becomes the new normal again my friends… I dont know when where or how ill ever find a boyfriend again…

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