Melatonin Sleep Easy

I’ve just checked out the latest blog from the SCCR in collaboration with Young Scot…today’s blog Melatonin Sleep Easy…Blog 3 in the series of 8 blogs, “giving a whirlwind tour through the wonderful world of your internal emotional self and the curious #CranialCocktail of chemistry that it fires up every time we feel something”.
So there’s a really clear explanation why teenagers stay up longer at night and also tend to lie-in! We need the level of melatonin, which our brains produce to help us to sleep, to rise. With teenagers the level rises later in the day and remains higher for longer in the mornings…so teenagers are up later and need to lie-in. A simple explanation which gives some understanding about a really common source of family conflict. The SSCR also suggests switching off mobiles and tablets at a fixed time to help us all get a good sleep.

What else do you think young people and families would find helpful for getting a good night’s sleep? Reply below and share your great tips and advice.

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