Mediation: Two sides of a coin

Yesterday I attended “Mediation: Two sides of a coin”, an SCCR seminar held in collaboration with Scottish Mediation to highlight and discuss mediation in a wider context. Presentations were given by Abbey and Paul from the Cyrenians (Young Persons) Conflict Resolution and Mediation Service and Chris and Jayne from the Glasgow Community Safety Partnership, Homeless Prevention Mediation service. Two very different services but with similar if not the same goals contributing to the prevention of homelessness by improving relationships, thus improving lives.
Jayne brought a new term to the world of mediation, kitchen mediation. No doubt there will be many mediators and those working with families using mediative skills who have done their work in the “Kitchen setting” so this term will be familiar. The event concluded with the delegates discussing various questions including one around the future of Mediation. Some of the responses were very thought provoking such as talking about mediation at more strategic levels acknowledging that mediation if used appropriately and early enough works, research on the cost benefits of mediation across the board, raising awareness among young people and parents on the benefits of such an intervention, linking mediation into a more holistic approach to supporting health and wellbeing, and the sharing nationally of good practice models and integrated processes, to inform and influence the design and delivery of mediation and conflict prevention strategies locally.
If you attended the session yesterday, or have any thoughts on the above, you can highlight these here or you can contact the SCCR or Scottish Mediation directly.

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