LGBT Celebrations

Today marks the last day of the month long celebrations, when the LGBTQI+ community recognises the influence LGBTQI+ people have had worldwide and also provides the opportunity to raise awareness of the current issues facing the LGBTQI+ community.
In previous years we have looked forward to and enjoyed the parades as being a prominent feature of Pride month but in the current circumstances, these could obviously not happen this year.
At SCCR we see first-hand the challenges that young people, parents and carers face when working their way through how to help and support people who are trying to work out who they are and how that impacts their life.
Good relationships are crucial to people feeling able to accept help with how to manage the conflict that can often result from people dealing with LGBTQI+ related issues. The SCCR website has great resources that help us to understand conflict, while also helping us to work out how to best help and support the people that we are in conflict with. Check out the SCCR website here.

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