Let’s think about Adrenaline!

For the next couple of weeks, it’s Edinburgh’s turn to host their annual Science Festival. Science Festivals are held throughout the year, at numerous locations across Europe, with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge of how science impacts our lives. As a mediator working with young people, parents, carers and professionals, an increased awareness and knowledge about the science of conflict, helps us to understand and hopefully then modify, how we deal with the conflict that inevitably comes our way. The way that our brains operate, and therefore how we act and react, is regulated by the neurochemicals that circulate in our bodies. When we look at the science of conflict, one of the most important neurochemicals is adrenaline, our bodies ‘Action Drug’! High levels of adrenaline result in ‘Fight or Flight’ behaviour…we sometimes speak about the red mist descending, having a meltdown or an emotional eruption. When we get this sort of adrenaline rush we know that the effects of adrenaline on the body can last for up to 1 hour before things reach a manageable level. Trying to resolve conflict when adrenaline levels are high is not going to work…these conversations have to wait. The Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution resources here provide useful information about our body’s neurochemicals and advise us how we can regulate our neurochemicals, including adrenaline. The resources also guide us about what we can do to ‘conquer conflict’ and what are the ‘antidotes’ to high levels of adrenaline. How do you regulate your high adrenaline levels? What do you do to prevent fight or flight behaviour? Check out the SCCR resources here.

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