Let’s not leave it so long!

So the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and we’re now probably trying to get back into our regular routines. For some, meeting up with family and friends will have been a positive experience but for others it will have brought about challenges. In particular, meeting up with some of our relatives can bring to the surface, memories of previous meetings and unresolved conflict. There are often good reasons why we meet with some of our relatives less often than others! But challenging situations can also offer opportunities. We may have promised each other that we will not leave it so long next time but life can then take over and before we know it…it’s Christmas again! Christmas gives us an ‘in’! Perhaps the opportunity to draw a line under previous conflict and move on? So why not make that phone call or send that text! Tell our family how much we enjoyed meeting up with them and arrange to meet up again. Let’s not leave it so long!

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