"Just life-skills"

“The course gave me the opportunity to think about how I can use what I’ve learnt to impact positively in my work with students, colleagues and personally where conflict arises”
Just one of the reflective evaluation statements provided by a participant of the our last Untangling The Knots 3 day course. One, I believe, that is not only very meaningful but also reassuring. Reassuring to know that for this participant their willingness to understand; their humility to accept (potential change) and their openness to act in support of others, will inspire others. This for me is the principle objective of the course. And yet, we recognise the course content as “just life-skills”. If you explain “ just life-skills” as “skills of life, for life” then we can go some way to identifying that life-skills help us grow as individuals, guide us at different life stages and facilitates living fulfilling lives then the learning of life skills should in my mind needs prioritising .
I hope those who read this will take “the opportunity to think” and apply positive action to affect positive change.

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