International Families Day - 15th May

Posted on behalf of Duncan Gordon, SCCR Trainer…

Families around the world are changing, many becoming smaller, as the number of single-parent households grows. Currently, 65% of all families are made up of either couples living with children of any age, or couples living with both children and extended family members, such as grandparents. The diminishing number of extended families and the increasing number of single-parent families put into sharp focus the issue of social protection.

Within Scotland child poverty is rising with single adults, especially single parents, and those who are divorced or separated more likely to be in poverty compared to married, cohabiting and widowed adults. People living in households with disabled household members are also more likely to be in poverty than those with no disabled household members.

Dealing with these and other protective factors, including homelessness needs to be supported through the work we do with families across all sectors to improve lives.

In regard to international families day it would really interesting to hear about the diverse work is being done with families to build relationships and improve lives. Post a response to share your good work.

Scotland embraces the diversity and acknowledges the benefits that international families bring to our society.

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