"I am grateful for..."

As Events Organiser for the SCCR I have the privilege of not only organising all our events but also getting to attend a fair few. Yesterday we held a seminar called “Compassion in Conflict” hosted by Githa Overton, Experienced Mediator and Yoga Practitioner. The seminar allowed us to explore how to refine our conception of compassion and to distinguish it from many other closely related experiences such as empathy. We ended the session by talking about gratitude and remembering the importance of it. We each shared what we were grateful for in our lives and it was a really touching moment. Below are some of the responses.

I am grateful for …
• My family and making the effort to spent time together
• Good health
• The ability to accept others
• FaceTime so I can talk to my family in New Zeeland
• Husband and little girl – they make me feel loved
• The opportunity to travel
• My dog – taking him out makes me calm and appreciate what is around me
• My family – they keep me level and I have learnt a lot about myself from them
• My job and the people who I come into contact with who I have helped
• The ability to appreciate the joy and see the beauty
• Every difficult or challenging situation I’ve been able to face
• My family – they give me light, happiness and love
• My horse
• My family, friends and my colleagues who get me through the day when I might be having a bit of a wobbly

What are you grateful for? Share in the comments below

I would also highly recommend taking 10 minutes, stop what you’re doing, get comfy and watch this short Tedx video. Happy Friday everyone :slight_smile:


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