How do I understand what conflict is?


Conflict is a complex matter that involves relationships, emotions and responses.
If something, whether it is internal or external, triggers an emotion within you then you have a potential for conflict. People fall out, have arguments and fights all the time and there are many reasons why this happens, two key sources are:
Misperceptions (a wrong or incorrect understanding or interpretation.) For example it is a misperception that all young people are out of control or all older people don’t know how to use the internet
Misinformation – “don’t believe everything you read on the internet just because there is a picture or famous name next to it” Abraham Lincoln 1865 – Do you agree?
Understanding conflict is to understand that conflict is as simple as a disagreement or as extreme as a war.
Conflict when escalated to aggression and violence is harmful and destructive and affects all parties involved. However every day we have conflict in our lives, we need conflict at a low level, it creates low level stress that can motivate us in our lives that influence positive change and stimulate progress, do not be afraid to talk about your conflict, it can help you identify emotional triggers and build your network of support.