‘Holiday Top Tips for Parents’

Following on from the last Community Discussion post about the challenges for both young people and parents during the summer holidays, here are some ‘Top Tips’ for parents.
• Acknowledge that it can be stressful for young people being at home. They may be missing friends who are not around and don’t forget that for many young people summer holidays means exam results!
• Give your young people a break! Perhaps agree a time that your young people can chill at home without being asked to do much stuff around the house! If they get a few weeks with not too much to do then they will be so much more willing to help with things when they are recharged!
• Discuss with your young people what they want get out of the holidays. You may be planning to go away for a few weeks but how does that fit in with what your young people want? If they’re unhappy with what you planned then you’re also likely to end up being unhappy! Maybe your young people would be much happier going away somewhere, if they could take a friend?
• It can be difficult getting time together as parents are often still working during the school holidays, but plan what you might do with the available time. Doing things with all the family together can be great but don’t forget the important 1:1 time with your young people. For young people, chilling at home with a film and snacks can be just as memorable as heading off on an expensive day out!
Finally check out the SCCR website for some great tips on managing conflict. Our latest project ‘ Get to know your Emotional Homunculus’ will help you and your young person to manage your emotions during the summer holiday, keeping you both emotionally healthy.

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