Having that difficult conversation

There will be times as a parent or carer where you find yourself in a situation when you need to have or be part of a difficult conversation. It could be that you have fallen out with your child/young person, or partner or they have fallen out with you, or you have to try and talk to someone about something that you know will cause a reaction that might be challenging to manage. There will always be these times in families and long-term relationships.
However, having the difficult conversation, done right, can normally improve your relationship with the other person or party.

This is the introduction to the new SCCR core session “How to have that difficult conversation”
I’ll leave you with some questions to ponder, or even reply to:

  • Why might a conversation appear difficult?
  • How would you start a potentially difficult conversation?
  • What components make a difficult conversation work?
  • What might you need to help a difficult conversation work?

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