"Have courage and be kind" - Cinderella

The 13th November every year is “World Kindness Day”. Our friend and Advocate at the Scottish Bar Stephen O’Rourke (kindly!) shared this thoughts on the importance of human kindness.

“When someone shows us kindness, particularly a stranger, it’s like receiving an unexpected gift. The world seems brighter for a moment: but, like all acts of giving, it needs constant renewal or the generous spirit fades.”

What kind thing have you done recently? Or what unexpected gift of kindness as someone showed you?

For me it was just someone taking a bit of time of their own busy day to check that I was okay and give me a hug. It really made all the difference.

Share yours! :relaxed:

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When I was growing up there was a postcard on my parents fridge that looked like this:

It must have meant something to me growing up because I have kept it. And as tatty and crumpled as it is now it has found it’s place on my fridge. It’s true, as Stephen wrote in his blog when we see or experience kindness it makes the world brighter for a moment.

But when we are in conflict with someone or going through a difficult time it is hard to be kind and it is hard to view that person with kindness. I believe acts of kindness through challenging times will shift relationships. It might be the offer of a cup of tea or a smile or even something as simple as asking Are You Ok?

But as Cinderella says this takes courage … because it can make us feel vulnerable.

So next time I am in conflict I will challenge myself to look at that picture on my fridge and to be kind. Because kindness really does make the world a better place for everyone to be.

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