Exam Results – Good News or Not?

So for many young people, tomorrow is the day that they find out if all their hard work has been rewarded with the exam results they are looking for. Tomorrow, some young people will be happy but others may be disappointed. Also for parents and carers, tomorrow is the day that they find out if their hopes for their young people have been realised. So tomorrow, the stresses for both young people and their parents and carers is huge. When we are stressed, communication becomes more difficult and conversations that were meant to be supportive can become critical and unhelpful. Check out the SCCR website for advice for both young people and parents and carers about how to have better conversations. Perhaps tomorrow you should try to see things from the other person’s point of view and listening to each other will be very important. When we are disappointed, a positive conversation can be difficult. Maybe you could agree a good time to discuss things and perhaps that’s not shortly after the results arrive! Good luck to everyone tomorrow and remember that there is more than one route to any destination!

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