Exam results disappointment, stress and arguing


Anyone willing to share any advice, tips or insight.


I think you’ve got to give young people a bit of time and space around the exam result period if they need it. I always opened my results on my own with time to process the outcomes (good or bad!). I really appreciated my mum and dad letting me take my own time to do this as I know they were itching to find out the results! But allowing me that space to process my thoughts and let me tell them in my own time was something I always appreciated! :slight_smile:


Parents, remember your young person is probably disappointed enough without having to deal with your disappointment as well. Try to be available for support and advice when they want it without forcing it . Be kind, do something nice together
Young people, if your parent seems disappointed maybe it’s because they’re worried and care about you and had hopes of exams helping you towards a good life. If they’re trying to offer support don’t bite their head off. If you want help or advice but don’t want them taking over and getting over anxious, most parents understand if you put it that way.
It may be disappointing and inconvenient but it’s not the end, exams can be retaken, different paths, of which there are many, can be chosen, you can still have a good life.