Exam results – anticipation, expectation, anxiety and stress

Always at this time of year the anticipation, expectation, anxiety and stress of waiting and receiving exam results for thousands of families can either be a time of happiness and excitement or a time of unhappiness and confusion. The latter being the arguably the most challenging to manage and move on from. However there is a wealth of information and support for young people who find themselves in this position, as once I did. I found such a source and identified what I felt were two key statements that were most pertinent to managing the situation positively, what do you think?

• If the experience has been too stressful or their results were not as good as they hoped; young people may be ready to give up at this stage. Parents may need to guide them firmly into going back to education and trying again. It’s important to keep a careful balance. Young people sometimes have a better idea than their parents as to what is good for them.

• Parents and children need to communicate - and this means both talking and listening to each other. It might help to get an outsider such as a teacher, mediator, youth counsellor or mentor to help.

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