Empathy - a deep understanding?


This week we are thinking about empathy. Check out our new blog by Jayne Middleton “Empathy. At the heart of resolving conflict” for a great step by step guide.

It would be great to hear from the community, what is your experience of empathy? Some thoughts to reflect on …

What does it mean to be truly empathic towards each other?
Do practitioners find empathy challenging if we are struggling with a difficulty within ourselves?


Such an interesting question Andrew, how do we as practitioners prepare for a potentially difficult joint meeting in order to maximise our ability to empathize? I know myself that if I am tired and have too much on, the thing I struggle with most is empathy. For me preparation is key, making time for myself, get some fresh air, go for a walk, limit my caffeine! Settle things within myself. Take any personal difficulties or stresses of the day and put them to one side (easier said than done!)

It would be great to hear if other people have some tips for getting themselves as practitioners in a good place so we are able to practice empathy more effectively. What do people do? Think about? Write? Read?