Emotional Energy

Having just read Ewan Aitken, Cyrenians CEO’s latest article in Edinburgh Evening News: Learning to listen helps avoid anger’s ‘red mist’, he highlights the potentially destructive emotion of anger, an emotion that I believe was created to keep us alive – an emotion of survival. However in another philosophical discussion with my colleague (we have many), we concluded that the ‘emotion’ should be viewed as an ‘energy’, This “emotional energy” can now be discussed and understood in different contexts, taking different paths, creating different emotional states of passion and motivation or anger and harm. Understanding our emotions is key. Communication is key. “Listening, not through the filter of past hurts…” is difficult but it provides us an opportunity for new understanding, beginnings, and strengths and ultimately the potential of different and more positive future.
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Read more at https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/opinion/ewan-aitken-learning-to-listen-helps-avoid-anger-s-red-mist-1-4767692

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