Dopamine – it’s a risky business

The next time you’re accused of being ‘too big for your boots’ or taking too many risks, talk about Dopamine and how it’s essential to how you learn to be both brave and safe in any situation. Today’s blog from the SCCR and Young Scot is Dopamine –it’s a risky business, it tells us that it is the Brain’s Deluxe Joy Drug which creates a feeling of euphoria and heightens our senses making experiences more pleasurable – but it also plays a big part in our being in a state of ‘Alert & Engaged’. It just another one of our important drugs to be highlighted in our cranial cocktail that creates our emotional states. We need to learn how these amazing drugs work as part of our biological development, dopamine for example can make us feel on top of the world or motivate us to take risks, too much of this and those risks can become unsafe.
How many times have you experienced the need to take risks to show off or experience a high or challenge? When we learn from these experience it allows the brain manage the flow of these drugs to keep us centred and safe. It would be great to hear from anyone who is willing to share their dopamine experiences when you felt on top of the world or took a risk that put you out of your comfort zone, one of mine was being able to drive some super cars, a birthday present, what a buzz still feel mine dopamine levels rising as a remember it! Tell us your stories.

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