Does anger get a bad press

What works , when trying to navigate through the days challenges. How can we stop being angry . Should we stop being angry , what am I really angry about , how is it manifesting ? What is acceptable when it comes to anger . I like my anger actually… on a good day. I think I’m afraid to let my anger go . Man I’ve got a headache and need breakfast. Feed my anger with sausages. :slight_smile:

Anger is a normal human emotion. We all feel angry at times, but for some people, it’s easier to guide anger to get to a positive destination. Some people are more comfortable with anger but are they really comfortable and how does that anger effect their own wellbeing and their relationships with those around them? It’s said that self-awareness is the waiting room for change, so when we have acknowledged our anger, what do we do next? Mindfulness is a really useful skill, exercise or listening to music can also be beneficial.

What do other people do to manage their anger?


Managing anger can be difficult. We need to think about the triggers and managing our reaction or over reaction to the triggers for example, some days I would be stuck in traffic when someone suddenly cuts in front of me, depending on my emotional state at that time I either shrugged it off or I immediately feel anger, real anger, very quickly. To manage this scenario I have had to, as you eluded to, be ‘mindful’ which distracts the mind from that quick escalation of (anger) emotion. For me this has worked, yes I can still be triggered but as quickly I can regulate and be back in control. However sausages sounds like a much better strategy 

I have been unfriended by people for being “angry”… Apparently anger is this thing they call “negative” … They obviously don’t realise them labelling people “toxic” and “negative” for feeling angry, is denying people the right to feel angry. I feel there is too much talk about anger being “bad”… Labeling anger “bad” does nothing but benefit invalidators . To get angry is to be human and we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t get angry at some of the atrocities of society!

Andrew you are right in Anger is a normal human emotion but the issue is how we human’s deal with it. Another thing is mostly learning how to emote your anger and at whom. I have found that humans will control their anger with stronger people then them but take it out on the weaker one’s. I

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