Conflict Resolution workshop topics


Hi all,

Wondered if I could start a thread asking what skills/topics you think should be addressed in workshops for young people around conflict Resolution. Currently in my delivery I focus on Anger Management and controlling our emotional reactions. It would be good to know from other practitioners (or even young people themselves!) what skills/topics you believe would be beneficial for young people to work on in relation to conflict.


For me the number one skill is active listening. By encouraging people in conflict to listen to understand, rather than listening to reply, the other person will feel valued and will be much more willing to listen themselves.


I agree with Andrew and like the comment “listen to understand, rather than listen to reply” it is statements like this that sticks in people’s minds and can act as a catalyst for change in mindsets. I would like to suggest that understanding the importance of meaningful relationships is a key learning for young people. Understanding that creating and building these relationships act as key support and developmental resources for them, whether in building their social and interpersonal skills or as a source of emotional support in times of need, these relationships can prove literally life savers for some.


I agree with Andrew’s point because sometimes we are to busy trying to score points of each other to really listen to what is being said.