Conflict and COVID19

The SCCR are delighted to have collaborated with Young Scot, who have published specialised youth information on how to resolve conflict here. The SCCR were also delighted to answer questions that Young Scot members were worried about and you can check out the SCCR tips here. The advice that SCCR is giving out just now about how to manage conflict, is relatively unchanged under the current situation but emotions can be heightened when we are all in lockdown and solutions to help resolve conflict can be limited. Until lockdown is eased, many families are finding it difficult being together but some families tell us that they have flourished when they have worked together to help each other during lockdown. Check out the Young Scot website here and SCCR website here. Both contain excellent resources that could help to make life a bit easier during these difficult times. Take care.

Thanks Andrew, I have already been sharing the excellent resources SCCR have been posting with my colleagues at the Independent Living Fund. The information is helpful both to workers themselves and to our many families managing children, young people and older adults with disabilities. Families report to us that it can be really challenging supporting their family member to understand why they are unable to go out, why they are unable to go to their day centre, why they are unable to go to their clubs and boredom as well as frustration creeps in. Despite the challenges I remain heartened and humbled by the resilience and resourcefulness of so many people during this time.

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