“Children grow up so fast” – not so says the research

“Researchers said that today’s 18 year olds are really only 15 when judged on how ‘adult’ they are compared with their predecessors” Metro Tuesday Sep 19 2017 The article go on to say that they believe there is a “broad cultural shift” in their use of time and in particular “spending too long online”. For me this is quite an interesting paradox given that we and in particular in Scotland champion giving youth a voice in making some big decisions about the future. In addition, the knowledge base that young people have at their fingertips, literally, arguably provides them knowledge that ‘develops’ adult knowledge faster than anytime previously. Or is that we are lacking in our roles as adults to develop, support, model and provide the responsibility and accountability experiences to cultivate the maturity of adolescence into adulthood. What are your thoughts?

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