Call this a holiday!

So it’s just a few days until the summer holidays with most young people looking forward to a break from school. But for some parents/carers, school holidays can lead to anxiety about having their young people ‘hanging around the house’. For some young people, school is usually a refuge from conflict at home, with friendship and support from their friends being readily available. School holidays can be a time that this support is lost with YP feeling vulnerable and lonely. So holidays can be a challenge for both young people and for parents/carers, it’s a time that needs lots of understanding with everyone needing to be kind and considerate to each other. The latest project from the SCCR, ‘Get to know your Emotional Homunculus’, offers insights into why we feel the way we do and what we can do to help regulate the emotions that can run high during the holidays. Check out the website and maybe some of the advice about how to ‘Conquer Conflict’ could be useful during the holidays?

If you are a YP, parent/carer or professional and have a ‘top tip’ about how to make school holidays work for everyone then let us know and we’ll share the wisdom!

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