Being 'Dad'

Written on behalf of Duncan Gordon

A post for parents and carers, especially if you’re together during the October break, I’ve written a short article on ‘Being Dad’

I am a dad of two grown-ups. My son and daughter along with my wife have been the centre of my life, they have taught me about myself that no other experience could. The children’s journey has brought fun, and laughter and challenges into my life that have exhausted, tested and inspired me. They have grown up in the blink of an eye, and have given me purpose and a wisdom that I can only be grateful for. Even with all my imperfections and failings as a dad the experience, which continues to this day, has made me a better person

It would be good to hear your stories of relationships you have had that have made a positive impact either in a work or personal context, it may even inspire people to value their relationships more.

Duncan Gordon

SCCR Trainer


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