Back to School – Anxiety and Courage Together!

With the summer holidays nearly over, young people and parents/carers are likely to have mixed feelings about the new school term starting. For some…probably most parents/carers, there will be relief that their young people will be back into a routine and out of the house for 5 days a week! Some young people may also be happy to be back in the school environment and their supportive friend’s network. But for some young people, the imminent return to school will be filled with dread and anxiety. New timetables, new teachers and new classmates, can all contribute to escalating levels of anxiety for young people. But anxiety and courage always exist together, so if you are anxious about something then you’re also being courageous. I’m paraphrasing from an article that I have just read here by Karen Young at Hey Sigmund, which perfectly talks through what is happening with ‘School Anxiety’. I would urge you to check out this article, it gives really useful information about school anxiety, both for young people and parents/carers, along with great advice about what you can do to make that return to school a bit easier.

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