Are you a 'Keep the Heider' or a 'Lid Flipper'?

So, it’s 5 years ago today that the SCCR launched it’s ‘Keep the Heid’ resource. This online quiz indicates to people if they tend to ‘Keep the Heid’ when faced with a conflict situation, or are they more likely to ‘Flip the Lid’. The quiz will give you a result based on a circus character. So, who are the Contortionists and who are the Human Cannonballs? Or are you a lion tamer, an acrobat or a clown? The quiz is based on the work of Dan Seigel, an American Professor and Adolescent Psychiatrist and his work on the science of Flipping your Lid. Dan proposed that when the parts of our brain that are concerned with thinking, regulate the parts of our brain that are concerned with emotions, then we don’t end up flipping our lid. When this regulation is poor then our emotions take over. While there are many factors that can influence whether we are Lid Flippers or Keep the Heiders, the quiz is a good resource to start conversations and explore how we manage conflict. Take the quiz here and see what your result tells you. Did you get the results that you expected?

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