A life lesson in resilience

Today our SCCR Trainer Duncan Gordon, gives us his thoughts about resilience.

At this time there will be an overload of information and advice, fake and helpful. This overload can distract from the simple action of supporting one another. For those who are self isolating, if alone or as a family, this can become very challenging over the recovery period, both with the environment and in relationships. Therefore considering these factors will be key in managing these difficult times. The environment not only includes the space you are but how you intercat with that space, routines you place - we as human beings like routine it can make us feel safe and in control. If you have outside space i.e. garden or balcony try to use it even if it is just to get some fresh air. Move around in your evironment it is easy to become stagnant very quickly this can lead to lethargy and apathy which can turn the environment toxic.
Relationship dynamics can be more challenging and more stressful as time goes on. Some families can really struggle at this time, even in normal circumstances. However we have to accept that the circumstances are very different now than they were and because of this lifestyle change has occurred, impacting on every family and every person.
How do we manage this change? Firstly we have to acknowledge it, then we have to accept it and finally we have to understand it, for us to make changes. This means that families need to work together, take individual responsibility and support one another. Remember if you value your relationship it is not about winning the argument or being right for the sake of your ego, it is about maintaining your relationship, something we all need to recognise and act on to create positive healthy relationships through kindness and resilience.
For those with children and teenagers at home remember that this is a worrying time for everyone and our young people will also be feeling this. Young people will not learn much if they are stressed, so do not rush into ‘home schooling’, involve them from day one, remember they also have a voice, young people value being listened to. As parents/carers, play with your children, distract them with activities that are fun and enjoyable, even messy  and love them. This difficult time maybe remembered by them as a time were they felt loved and supported – a life lesson in resilience. Stay safe.

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