A decade of conflict resolution

This week we celebrated the 10th birthday of the Amber Mediation and Support Service. http://scottishconflictresolution.org.uk/blog/

It was a fantastic evening which paid tribute to the families we have worked with, the team, the funders and everyone else who has made our work possible.

What struck me was the laughter and smiles in the room; there was a real warmth and energy. Although we may not have realised it, over the last 10 years we have been building a community. A community of like minded people driven to improve relationships and life chances for young people and families. If your’e reading this you are probably part of it! :slight_smile:

So get in touch, share the work that you are doing. Tell us your family stories. We want to continue to build this community so that help is available for every young person, every parent, every family member, every practitioner or professional across Scotland to better manage conflict and relationships.

If you would like to find out more about the services we deliver get in touch or check out the website http://cyrenians.scot/family-people/

Contact us

0131 475 2493
Norton Park 57 Albion Road EH7 5QY Edinburgh