2022 Untangling the Knots courses completed

Hi all
The Untangling the Knots courses for 2022 are now completed, and concluded with a reconnecting event being held on the 18th January 2022, where we heard from Alan Jeffery, a Cyrenians Co-ordinator, facilitator/trainer and now mediator.

Alan’s talk was titled “What I have learnt as a new(ish) mediator” in which he gave an account about the practice, how people behave when they are in conflict, mistakes he had made along the way and some surprising observations on why people sometimes just can’t seem to get along! It was a very interesting and useful personal insight into some of the highs and frustrations of Alan’s experiences.

Below I have collated the highlights of the 2022 courses evaluation responses.
We would like to thank those who participated and contributed to the courses and taking the time to complete the evaluation, it has been valuable to us.

If you have queries or questions or would like to find out more about the UTK courses for 2023, please just contact the team at sccr@cyrenians.scot. We look forward to hearing from you.

2022 UTK Courses feedback

82 attendees

40 responses (49%)

1. This event has increased knowledge & understanding of policy & practice related to youth homelessness & working with families experiencing conflict:

93% (37) agreed/strongly agreed 7% (3) maintained the same

2. This event has increased confidence in my ability to support families to positively transform conflict and improve relationships:

95% (38) agreed/strongly agreed 5% (2) maintained the same

3. I will apply what I have learnt, to positively change the negative impact conflict has on relationships, mental health and emotional wellbeing:

100% (40) agreed/strongly agreed

4. I will use the SCCR online resources to positively change the negative impact:

90% (36) agreed/strongly agreed 10% (4) maintained the same

Q. In which sector do you work. Please tick all that apply:

  1. Homelessness
  2. Children & Families
  3. Employment
  4. Voluntary
  5. Education
  6. Criminal Justice

Q. If you have used the SCCR digital resources please let us briefly know how and who with?

  1. With young people and families - cranial cocktail - help one another gain a better insight and understanding.
  2. Cyrenians
  3. yes, for my own learning and benefit
  4. Now I know about the resources I will make use of them.
  5. I have shared the monkey v lizard and Keep the heid resources with education staff at a local high school
  6. Used them personally for the course
  7. I teach mental health and well-being award and used the resources as part of lessons.
  8. I have sent the link you to all of my volunteer befrienders and plan to sure it in our training sessions.
  9. have found the videos excellent, great speakers and found the quizzes helpful
  10. Use them in most of my teaching/coaching/workshops with young people, business people, women
  11. With myself, my placements and my university cohort as well as my own children.
  12. Young people that are going down the criminal route.

Q. What other topic knowledge do you need to support you or your practice?

  1. Mediation
  2. how to support those with autism
  3. looking after mental health at work
  4. Mediation or conflict resolution skills with young people diagnosed with ASD / ADHD
  5. Further training to facilitate conversations with young people to be confident in mediating
  6. not a topic but more role playing, seeing conflict resolution inaction, case studies would help
  7. Relationship between mediation and therapy - suitability, overlaps, differences.
  8. communication medians, depression, separation emotions, confidence building strategies, reassurance and empowerment strategies.
  9. Perhaps a more (young) child friendly version of this could be really helpful
  10. Sample conversations & questions/ interjections are always really useful as I can remember these & use as model for effective communication
  11. Just more like this.
  12. Exactly how to deal with someone in the moment of explosive anger

Q. Would you be willing to attend a follow up (impact) event?

87% (35) yes 3% (1) No 10% (4) DNA

Please use this space for any other comments, observations or highlights from your experience:

  1. I enjoyed the group work and the interactive online resources

  2. I found this course very enjoyable and insightful on both a professional and personal manner. It gave me a better understanding to my own personal triggers and great use of resources and peer discussions to share points of view and good practice.

  3. I enjoyed the course, it helped confirm my knowledge and practice. I also enjoyed the chats, through those found that although from different professions we all had similar beliefs and principles. I’ll be downloading some of the visual tools.

  4. Really helpful and gave me the chance to meet with so many different professionals from all over the country. Would love it even more if it was face-to-face.

  5. I really enjoyed the course and found the content educational, useful and interesting. In addition, the break out groups gave an insight into other people’s jobs and their experiences have helped me build my knowledge and given me tools to use at work

  6. I enjoyed the course, well organised and informative.

  7. Thanks for the training. I had no idea there were so many other organisations working towards a common goal. Would like to attend the follow up event I never realised that Cyrenians dealt with so much more than homelessness

  8. Comprehensive course with good opportunity to interact and share experiences with other professions.

  9. Very informative course. Good visuals to keep mind interested and stimulated

  10. Really useful training great chance for self-reflection and sharing ideas

  11. Great to meet and learn from a range of people in different roles and from different organisations

  12. This has given me useful knowledge and language skills to use when speaking with young people. I also find the resources fun and youth friendly to use going forward

  13. Thank you for a well put together and informative course. I find the website really useful and will definitely be using it with families once I start get a case load.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, information shared brilliant. Break out rooms a little uncomfortable at times but own issues. Really would like a further accredited course for mediation

  15. Invaluable training for a novice working with 3 primary school families (attainment challenge). Training very well laid out, content and pace ideal. Good teamwork between the 3 facilitators. Clear and focussed. well done.

  16. I really enjoyed the topics within this course as they were a very effective way of making me look at and understand where I can improve your practice. The course was also delivered at a good pace and easily understood. Thank You

  17. Group work was fruitful and stimulating. I found it really difficult to sustain concentration during extended teaching monologues

  18. I really enjoyed the course and the use of breakout rooms for in depth discussions on topics, the feedback was always helpful to listen to and often covered things one group may not have initially thought of, Zoom made course easily accessible.

  19. The course gave me a better perspective in dealing with conflict. The material about anger was really helpful the importance of remembering that this is a culmination of other emotions, not referring to people as angry.

  20. Really good training. Enjoyed format as it allowed for reflection and preparation. Right balance of break out rooms and spoken input. Think I will be able to take this knowledge and put into practice. Thank you

  21. Very informative sessions which will help in both work and personal life.

  22. Great delivery and content. Prompted lots of self-reflection on my practice and good to meet a variety of professionals and discuss themes. ( I also really like the illustrations on the resources)

  23. Although this training was really informative, noting beats being in the same room, meeting people, sharing stories and creating a network of support.

  24. Really enjoyed the course, have not done one like this for a while, liked the examples given to demonstrate theories/strategies. Liked the mix of teaching methods used, polls, break out rooms were really good and got used to them. Very well organised

  25. Brilliant course - as always. Perfect pace and quantity of info. Brilliantly delivered. Only request would be - can we have the resources at the start as a workbook so we can make notes on the actual slides? More useful this way. Thanks!

  26. This space is the first time I’ve ever felt validated and valued for my personal experiences in professional spaces and the gravity of that is absolutely massive. Thank you, from the deepest parts of me.

  27. Thoughtful presentation. Useful input and small group discussions

  28. I found the training very interesting and helpful, from a worker perspective and from a personal perspective. The way I looked at situations has changed from the starting this course to finishing the course. All for the better.

Local Authorities Represented

  1. Aberdeen City
  2. Aberdeenshire
  3. Angus
  4. Argyll and Bute
  5. Ayrshire
  6. Dumfries and Galloway
  7. Dundee
  8. East Ayrshire
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Falkirk
  11. Fife
  12. Glasgow
  13. Inverclyde
  14. Inverness-Shire
  15. E. Ayrshire
  16. Lanarkshire
  17. Midlothian
  18. Moray
  19. North Ayrshire
  20. Perth and Kinross
  21. Renfrewshire
  22. South Ayrshire
  23. South Lanarkshire
  24. West Lothian


  1. 6VT Edinburgh City Youth Cafe
  2. Aberdeen city Council
  3. Children in Need West-ACC
  4. Access to Industry
  5. Action for Children
  6. Argyll & Bute Health and Social Care Partnership
  7. Barnardos
  8. Bucksburn Partnership
  9. Children 1st
  10. Children and Families
  11. Common Thread Group
  12. Cyrenians
  13. Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre
  14. Dundee University
  15. East Ayrshire Council
  16. Falkirk & Clackmannanshire Carers Centre
  17. Falkirk Council
  18. Family Mediation Argyll & Bute
  19. Fife Council
  20. Gleniffer High School
  21. Health and Social Care
  22. Homestart
  23. Howdenhall School (Edinburgh Secure Services)
  24. Includem
  25. Inverclyde Council
  26. Link Living
  27. Mackie Academy
  28. Mayfield & Easthouses Youth 2000 Project
  29. MECOPP
  30. Monster Media Productions Ltd
  31. Moray Council
  32. NHS Lothian
  33. Perth & Kinross Council
  34. Projekt42
  35. Quarriers
  36. Quarriers - Arrows
  37. Quarriers Carer Support Service Moray
  38. Relationship Scotland family mediation west
  39. Rock Trust - youth homelessness charity
  40. Social Bite Village, Cyrenians
  41. South Ayrshire Council
  42. South Ayrshire’s Women’s Aid
  43. South Lanarkshire Council
  44. South Lanarkshire Council - Woodside Primary School
  45. Stepping Out Mental health Project
  46. SWAN
  47. SWIIS
  48. The Action Group
  49. The Good Shepherd Centre
  50. The Ridge ISCO
  51. Turing Point Scotland
  52. Volunteer Centre East Lothian
  53. West Lothian council
  54. Young Parents Support Base
  55. Your Voice - Inverclyde Community Care Forum (ICCF)
  56. Youthlink Scotland

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